Simple Pricing, Period.

Try MediaPlanHQ free for 30 days. No credit card needed.

$ 45 /user/month
39$/user/month on a yearly plan - Minimum 3 users
  • Unlimited media plans
  • Unlimited organizations
  • Unlimited media vendors
  • Unlimited creative storage
  • Unlimited free upgrades
  • Unlimited free email support
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Frequently asked questions:

After you create an account, you get instant access to all MediaPlanHQ features for 30 days. We don't require a credit card during the trial, so you get to try MediaPlanHQ obligation-free.
Our MediaPlanHQ support team will email you before your trial expires. We'll prompt you to register your credit card information and your trial account will become your permanent account (all of your customizations, data, and actions remain intact). If you decide not to register your credit card at the end of your 30-day trial, your account will expire.
We offer both monthly and annual billing for the standard 99$ plan with no additional users. The monthly billing must be paid by credit card (via Paypal), while the annual billing must be paid by check. If you required additional users, we also offer both monthly and annual billing, but they must be paid by check.
Yes, you can add or remove users at any time by contacting our support center at
If you add/remove users you'll be charged the new rate starting on your next billing cycle. If you cancel, your MediaPlanHQ account will be cancelled immediately and you will not be charged again.

Of course not !

User licenses are for your team members that actively work to create/execute amazing media plans.

MediaPlanHQ has 2 specials licenses to give access to clients/stakeholders at an affordable cost:

Observer licenses Free unlimited

Observers are persons external to your marketing team that need to view certain aspects of your marketing activities.

They do not interact with the marketing team to advance work.

They can:

  • Access any module in read-only.
  • Visualize planning in List/Details views
  • Visualize production in List/Details views.

This is ideal for giving access to

  • Monitor media plan status
  • Monitor expenses/remaining budgets
  • Monitor team activities/performance

Collaborator licenses $5 per collaborator, per month

Collaborators are persons external to your marketing team that interact to advance work.

They can:

  • Add comments
  • Add/Modify/Delete files
  • Transition statuses
  • Visualize planning in specialized views (blocking chart, calendar, analysis)
  • Visualize production in specialized views (calendar, workload)

This is ideal for giving access to

  • reviews/approves media insertions
  • reviews/approves creative files.
  • selects creative files for delivery

Please contact if you have any questions or are interested in using Observer/Collaborator licenses in your account.

If you have any other questions, please contact and we'll get back to you the same day.