Media Planning
For when you outgrow spreadsheets & emails

In the beginning, spreadsheet & email are fine for media planning, but as you grow it becomes impossible to keep track of everything without chaos. Spreadsheet & email don’t scale, but luckily MediaPlanHQ does.

Media planning

All media plans in one place!

Organize your media plans under one roof with a clear structure, easily accessible by your team.

  • No more shared drives
  • No more spreadsheet formula errors
  • No more long email threads

Create detailed media placements

Capture all the information your team needs to execute each media placement of your media plan - from booking to delivery to reconciliation.

  • Run dates with applicable days and hours
  • Detailed costs with built-in calculation (CPC, CPM, CPA, etc.)
  • Shared costs with multiple organizations
  • Creative specification with reusable templates
  • Creative production and delivery deadlines with reminders
  • Supporting files (Contracts, Past ads, etc.)
  • Custom fields for additional information (Text, Date, Number, Money, List, etc.)

Track media expenses and remaining budgets

Say goodbye to all the wasted hours consolidating numbers spread in multiple spreadsheets to validate if you’re within budget.

  • Define total budget per media plan
  • Split budgets in campaigns inside a media plan
  • Track agency compensation
  • Quick expense summary by media category and media

Visualize media plans in blocking charts

Easily create and customize beautiful blocking charts of your media plans.

  • Customizable grouping & columns
  • Color coded (By campaign, organization, or media categories)
  • Multiple timelines (By week, by month, by quarter, by year)
  • Multiple types (Calendar or broadcast)
  • Export to Excel

Analyze media plans with built-in reports

Analyze your media buys from every angle in seconds: by media, by media categories, by markets, by campaigns, etc.

Easy consult media contact information and booking procedures

Quickly access your media representative contact information with clear step-by-step procedure to book media placements with each media supplier.

Generate professional media authorization and insertion orders

Generate and send standardized pdfs to your clients to formalize the agreement and to your media suppliers to book the media in your media plan.

  • Customizable branding (logo & colours), layout and content
  • Automatic MA# / IO# numbering with versioning for complete traceability
  • Add additional notes & instructions
  • Storage with search

Track media placement statuses with productivity automations

Only one click to flag media placements as booked and automatically:

  • Push a creative project to your creative team with a clear brief and deadlines.
  • Create an expected invoice to validate and approve
  • Publish in your upcoming calendar

Before MediaPlanHQ we kept track of our media buys using standard document and spreadsheet templates.

With MediaPlanHQ we're able to enter and book our media plans, reconcile vendor invoices, and provide ad specifications to the creative team all in one place. Having our media campaigns safely housed in the MediaPlanHQ database gives us enormous peace of mind.

But the real value is in the personal service and responsiveness of the MediaPlanHQ team. Any time we have a question or want to update the layout of a form, or brainstorm about additional features we may need, their support team is here to help.

Every interaction with MediaPlanHQ from the very beginning of our relationship has been positive!

Happy MediaPlanHQ Client: Anne E. Richardson, CEO + Media Director, Richardson Media Group, Inc.

Anne E. Richardson

Principal + Media Director
Richardson Media Group, Inc.

The simple way to manage media plans

Even more to help your team keep media plans organized and be more productive



See everything that needs to be done to avoid late booking & delivery.


Advertising Calendar

Share in realtime to inform you stakeholders what's running.

Daily Reminders

Receive daily emails with everything that requires your attention.


Keep it clear who is responsible to advance each media placement in your workflow.



Know exactly where every media placement stands in your workflow.



Collaborate with your team.

Change logs

See the full history of every media placement to know who did what when.



Analyze your media plans from every angle in seconds.

Outstanding Support

Have questions? Need to customize a document? Need a new feature? We're here to help!


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