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the media plans, operations, and requests of your .

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Media planning software for marketing teams
Still managing your media plans with spreadsheets and emails?

Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered spreadsheets, relentless errors and long email threads by keeping media plans...

All in one place

No more searching media plans across a dozen spreadsheets, email threads, and tools! It's all organized under one roof with a clear structure.

Always up-to-date

No more fixing formulas, working on out-of-date versions, or chasing statuses! It's all consistent and up-to-date.

One-click charts and reports

No more spending hours consolidating information to format a chart or report for your boss or client.

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A modern way to manage media plans

With MediaPlanHQ your marketing team and their clients collaborate together on all media activities in a unified workflow from strategy to delivery.

MediaPlanHQ has been a game changer for our internal processes. It has allowed us to streamline our workflow, making us more efficient and productive for our clients.

Happy MediaPlanHQ Client: Chris Conrad, Creative Director, Evolution Hospitality

Christopher Conrad

Creative Director
Evolution Hospitality

Easily plan, track and analyze your
media plans to achieve your marketing goals.

MediaPlanHQ organizes your media plans so that you can focus on the strategy - without the chaos of scattered spreadsheets, relentless errors and long email threads!

  • Prepare Media Plans

    Create media plans that meet your marketing goals.

  • Collaborate Through Approvals

    Share it with key stakeholders for approval.

  • Book With Media Vendors

    When approved, send media insertion orders to book the media with the vendors.

  • Push To Creative Teams

    When booked, send complete briefs to the creative and/or e-commerce teams to design and deliver the ads.

  • Monitor Everything To Stay In Control

    Throughout the rest of the year, monitor exactly how much you’ve spent, what ads need to be booked, what material needs to be created, and what invoice needs to be paid.

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Always know what creative project needs to get done, who’s responsible for doing it, and when it’s due

MediaPlanHQ ties all your creative projects with your media plans in a seamless end-to-end workflow from brief, through approval, to delivery — on time!

  • Receive Project Briefs

    Creative and e-Commerce directors receives complete briefs for the creative projects which they review and assign to team members.

  • Assign Projects

    The team members receive their assignments with clear guidelines and deadlines which allows them to focus on creating great ads.

  • Design The Ads

    They create the ads.

  • Collaborate Through Approvals

    When the ad material is ready, they collaborate with the creative director and the marketing manager to approve the material.

  • Deliver The Material

    When approved, they send the ad material to the media vendor.

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Make sure you pay for the right advertisement at the right price.

MediaPlanHQ ties the invoices you received from your media suppliers with your insertion orders to validate that the costs and creative files matches.

  • Find The Media Insertion Order

    When you receive an invoice from your media supplier, use the IO#, Vendor Name, or other details to find the matching insertion order.

  • Validate The Ad & Cost

    Validate that the invoiced ad & cost match the insertion order and adjust accordingly.

  • Collaborate Through Approvals

    Follow your internal process to approve the invoice.

  • Send To Account Payable

    When approved, send the invoice to your account payable for payment to the media supplier.

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Amaze your clients with an effortless experience to submit and track their marketing requests.

MediaPlanHQ provides a clear channel for submitting requests and following their progress — without long email threads!

  • Submit Marketing Requests

    Clients use forms to submit marketing requests.

  • Get Notified Of Progress

    They receive progress notifications at every major milestone of the request.

  • Collaborate

    At any time, they can consult the request and collaborate with the marketing team to advance their request.

  • Receive Requests Artifacts

    When ready, they can download the material themselves for printing or delivery.

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The MediaPlanHQ support team has been an incredible partner to us. I know that I can rely on a quick response time to any questions I might have or an inquiry about how to make the product work for my teams’ specific needs.

They have been easy to work with and courteous every step of the way. It’s always nice to know that the product your investing is backed by incredible customer service.

Happy MediaPlanHQ Client: Megan Trummel, Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Visit Phoenix

Megan Trummel

Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications
Visit Phoenix

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