Marketing Request Forms
A clear channel for submitting requests and following their progress.

Give your clients an effortless experience to submit and track their marketing requests

Marketing request forms

Submit marketing requests

Provide a single location for your clients to submit different types of requests through simple and customizable forms

  • Access request forms with dedicated link embeddable in your intranet, document or domain redirection (e.g.
  • Select a type of request
  • Fill the request form with supporting files
  • Submit the request to the marketing team.

Receive confirmation

Give your clients confirmation on screen and by email that their request was successfully submitted to their department head for preapproval or directly to the marketing department when no preapproval required

  • Request number as reference for all interactions
  • Link to consult request status
  • Customizable request confirmation email

Consult request status

Give your clients a self-serving portal to consult the status of their requests themselves without having to send emails to your marketing team.

  • See real-time status.
  • Know who is assigned to work on your request.
  • Add comments & files

Receive all requests in a structured way

Forget the scattered or informal emails you receive from your clients to request marketing services. Now, all requests come in the same funnel in a structured way with complete traceability and accountability.

  • Know who submitted the request with contact information.
  • Know what's the request deadline.
  • Get all the information required to process the request from the answers captured by your request form.

Process all requests through your project workflow

A single inbox for all projects received from external request forms and internal media plans.

  • Set request priority.
  • Assign the request to team members.
  • Track request progress with statuses.

Collaborate with your client

Keep your client in the loop at every step. Easily reach out with questions, comments, and reviews to completion.

  • Automatically notify client of changes
  • Add comments viewable by marketing team, client, or both
  • Attach files for review and delivery

MediaPlanHQ has been a game changer for our internal processes.

It has allowed us to streamline our workflow, making us more efficient and productive for our clients.

The platform is easy to use, and they are willing to work with us to customize it to our exact needs. Their team has been fantastic.

After searching for a media management system for months, we finally found one that we love!

Happy MediaPlanHQ Client: Chris Conrad, Creative Director, Evolution Hospitality

Christopher Conrad

Creative Director
Evolution Hospitality

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